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Stucco painting

Elevate Your Stucco with Precision and Perfection

Stucco painting at Black Rhino Painting is a meticulous process that unfolds through various steps geared toward achieving a flawless finish. Our team of professionals boasts extensive experience handling stucco surfaces, recognizing the paramount importance of proper preparation.

Meticulous Preparation for a Perfect Finish

The initial step in our stucco painting process involves identifying any loose or failing paint on the surface. Should we discover such areas, we utilize a scraper or wire brush to meticulously remove the loose paint, ensuring a smooth canvas for the upcoming transformation.

Addressing Cracks with Expertise

Moving forward, we meticulously inspect the surface for cracks. We employ caulk to fill cracks larger than a hairline but smaller than 1/8 inch, ensuring a seamless blend with the stucco texture. Hairline cracks are strategically left to be filled by the paint, and to minimize their appearance, we expertly spray and back-roll the paint.

Perfecting Surface Imperfections

Larger cracks and smaller holes find their solution in our skilled hands, as we use a stucco patch to create a smooth, flawless surface ready for the painting process. However, for holes larger than a half-dollar, we advise pre-fixing them to guarantee a perfect finish upon our arrival.

Exceptional Results, Guaranteed Satisfaction

At Black Rhino Painting, pride in our work is non-negotiable, and our commitment to delivering exceptional results sets our stucco painting service apart. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work, inviting you to trust us to transform your stucco surfaces into a true work of art.

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